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Classical Ballet promotes good posture, strength, flexibility and coordination. Orwell Dance focuses on well-disciplined and professional classes with a happy and friendly atmosphere which helps to inspire all pupils to fulfil their individual potential.

Ballet classes at Orwell Dance follow the syllabus and examinations programme of the Royal Academy of Dance. This is a prestigious, international organisation and the qualifications are recognised around the world. Examinations are not compulsory; however, they are encouraged as they give children a goal to work towards and provide a portfolio of their progress throughout their dance journey.

RAD Graded Ballet Examinations 

The school provides Royal Academy of Dance classes from Primary to Grade 8. Students are entered for exams when their teacher considers them ready. Graded examinations are taken in groups of up to 4 children. At this level children enter the exam without their teacher and perform the required work for the examiner. 

RAD Vocational Ballet Examinations 

These exams will be taken when students are at a vocational level of training. The school provides Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Ballet Classes from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2. At this level, students learn classical ballet exercises including pointe work. Students will be asked to join these classes if their teacher feels they will be able to cope with the demands of the vocational syllabus.

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