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Academic Year 2023/2024

Summer Term 2023

Term begins: Monday 17 April

Term ends: Friday 14 July

Half Term: Monday 29 May to Sunday 4 June

Bank Holiday: Monday 2 May

Autumn Term 2023

Term begins: Saturday 2 September

Term ends: Friday 15 December

Half Term: Monday 23 October to Sunday 27 October

Spring Term 2024

Term begins: Tuesday 2 January

Term ends: Monday 25 March

Half Term: Monday 12 February to Sunday 18 February

Bank Holiday: Monday 1 January


Invoices for students' fees will be distributed at the beginning of each term. Fees must be paid in full by the third week of the term. Any fees still outstanding by half term, will be subject to a 10% late payment fee.


A 5% sibling discount will be applied for families with more than one child at Orwell Dance.

The invoice for term fees will only include the weekly lessons attended, any additional payments will be invoiced separately, such as exam fees and private lessons.

A notice period of half a term is required when terminating classes, the notice needs to be given during the previous term, holidays do not count toward this notice period, as the school is closed.

For information regarding the current fees please contact us:
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